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Bicycle Fix Gravity Enduro SA - Round 4 - Super Enduro

Anstey Super Enduro

Round 4 will see the stoke-o-metre go off the charts!

It’s our first ever Super Enduro - 4 stages, 4 hours, go your hardest.

Don’t miss out, entries close Wednesday 31st July at 8pm.

What is a Super Enduro?

4 stages, 4 hours, do as many runs of each stage as you can (want) and we’ll take your fastest time from each stage for your race time. Riders must do at least one run of each stage in order to get a time. Stages can be ridden in any order.

If the lure of hot pies is too strong after you have completed one run of each stage, that’s fine - call it a day, enjoy some food, relax in the race village or go and heckle the riders that are still going. If you love racing the clock and want to keep trying to better your times, that’s fine too. If you just want to ride your favourite stage a few extra times, go nuts.

The course will close 4 hours after the Rider Briefing has finished and there will be a fifteen minute grace period to check in at the timing desk. If you get check in late there will be a time penalty.

Course map released: Friday 2nd August

Presentations & Prizes

There will be special prizes on the day for the Best Dressed Rider, the Spirit of Enduro and the Most Number of Runs plus random draw prizes.

Presentations for the top 3 in each category will be on the day as well.

Schedule on the Day (approximate)

Rider Registration opens 8.00am
Rider Briefing 9.45am
Race commences after Rider Briefing
Course Closure 4 hours later (specific time advised during rider briefing)
Prizes & Presentations approx 30 minutes after all riders have checked in