Practise Details - Round 2 - Mt Torrens

Details for Saturday Practise

This practise time is so riders can have a look at each stage to get an idea of what to expect on race day. Please be respectful of the trails and other riders. Save your race run for race day.

When: Saturday 1st June 12pm - 4pm

Location: 88 Oval Rd, Mt Torrens

Parking: Parking will be available on the property. Enter via the gate to the right hand side of the drive way. Please park along the fence line on the high side so you don’t get bogged. Parking is also available along the verge on Oval Road. Please note: no parking is available at the Footy Oval on Saturday.

Riding: Riders will need to report to the GESA tent located at the entry to the trail area to have their name checked against the registration list. For insurance reasons, only riders who have registered to race are permitted to ride the trails. Full face helmets required, gloves, knee pads & long sleeves recommended.

The course will be marked out so you can find your way around. Many hours of hard graft have gone into these trails over the years by the landowner, please respect them by riding the trail, not looking for short cuts or ‘sneaky lines’. GESA will be repairing course markings and bunting off any short cuts or ‘sneaky lines’ after practice.

Cameras are installed in the trail area, anyone found riding outside of practice or race times will receive a club ban and may be charged with trespassing at the landowners discretion.

Mt Torrens Event Mud Map