GESA categories are self-seeded, meaning we leave it up to you to enter the category that’s appropriate for your skill level, fitness and racing experience.

Sandbagging (entering a lower category to claim glory on the podium) will not be tolerated. GESA reserves the right to alter your category based on previous results.


Open Men/Women

This is our entry level category. If you’re new to racing, don’t have time to train and your mates are usually waiting for you at the bottom of the hill on social rides. This category is for you.

Expert Men/Women

You’ve got a couple race seasons under your belt, you’re reasonably fit, you practice the tracks, you train/ride every weekend and can ride most features confidently, this category is for you.

Elite Men/Women

You’ve raced a lot. Probably different disciplines. You train, you’re fit and pretty talented on a bike. Cash prizes for this category.


Masters is for people over 40 who don’t feel skilled enough to ride Elite. Being 40+ does not make you slow, often it means you have experience which makes you fast. If you are over 40 and used to kill it in DH back in the day, and still have pretty good fitness, enter Elite. Show the young whipper snappers how it’s done. If your time is as fast as the Elite riders, we will point that out.

Under 19 & Under 15

These categories are based on how old you will be at the end of the year. For example, if you are turning 15 during the year, you should enter Under 19’s. The minimum age to race is 13.